About Us

Our names are Colin and Heather. We are born, raised and currently live in a small community in southern Ontario. We are a family of 4, plus 1 dog and love the outdoors. 4 years ago, we purchased 2 tumblers and fell in love them. They were of great quality and affordable. We decided we wanted to get a couple more and realized that there was limited options of great quality at a reasonable price. That’s  where our journey started with the tumblers and coolers and wanted to share this great quality with everyone. We are always looking at finding a great product at a reasonable price so keep your eyes open as there will be new product to share with you.

Our goal is to bring top quality outdoor items at a reasonable price. The products that we would recommend to our family and friends is what we want to bring to you.

Thanks and keep CHillin 

Colin & Heather